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There is no denying that we live in very challenging times. In a matter of a few weeks our world has changed. Today, all  over our world, there are a lot of individuals and families who are suffering poverty and despair both physically and mentally. But in the midst of this there is hope and good news. 

In this, our church magazine, we aim to bring good news and hope. Perhaps the greatest positive is the way neighbourhoods and families are working and supporting each other. We have seen and heard about these experiences of people in World War II. Many of these are happening today.


Get Connected

But there is something even more amazing; the One who created it all loves you and cares about every detail of your life. When you are weak, He is strong. When you blow it, he forgives you. The Bible says, “If anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous. He himself is the sacrifice that atones for our sins”.

God’s grace is truly amazing. You don’t have to do anything to deserve it. Because God is your Father, you can all home anytime and find a welcome. You’re connected to the one who understands our weaknesses for He faced all the same tests that we do yet He did not sin. So, let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. You’re connected to unending mercy and grace-how awesome is that?


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You never know who you will meet ...

Early Easter Sunday morning I decided to go jogging. I decided to go early so as to avoid other people and not be mutually inconvenienced because of the social distancing rules. 

I also determined, before I left, not to just say good morning to everybody I met but also ‘Happy Easter’. Not surprisingly there were very few people out and about at that time.

I was almost at the end of my run when I had to pass along a fairly narrow path with a fence on one side and a building on another. 

As I entered it I saw a woman in the far distance coming towards me with a dog on a lead so I thought I had better wait for her so we didn't have to squeeze past each other. 

She came very slowly and was looking at the ground so when I said ‘good morning’ she scarcely responded but when I added ‘Happy Easter’ she looked up and said ‘Happy Easter to you too’. 

Her heavy expression was noticeable and we started up a conversation during which she explained that she was feeling a little bit depressed and low because three years earlier, on Easter Monday, her mother had died after spending the previous week in a coma. 

I shared how Easter was a time we remember that Jesus had died but had been raised to life again and because he is alive today, we can know forgiveness of sins and peace and purpose in our life. She then went on to explain that she had watched an online Easter service and had been encouraged by what she had seen and heard. 

She said it's been good to be reminded of the meaning of Easter or words to that effect.

We can never know what opportunities will come across our paths - to bring hope and blessing



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God Bless you ...

In what we say and by what we do we convey an emotion of some sort.

We can come across as warm, approachable, and wanting the best for those we meet, whether they be friends, family or someone they don’t know.    Or we can be like a closed door, not letting people touch us and not touching them. During this time of lockdown we see the best and worst of people. We see people who are selfish and people finding ways of making money at the expense of those in need.

But we have also seen an abundance of warmth and kindness in our village. Both Sandra and I need to have a total lockdown for health reasons. From day one of the lockdown our neighbours, even those we did not know well, have helped us. We feel very blessed and very thankful.

Saying “God Bless you” is said to have originated at the time when another plague hit the world. Called the black death, one of the possible signs of the fatal illness was when people start sneezing.

By saying God Bless to someone, and meaning it, says that we are wishing the person well in every area of their lives.

The blessing of the Lord is God's original plan for us. Contrary to popular belief, He doesn't want us sick, broke and lonely. He wants to make you rich in every area of life - your health, finances, relationships, and more. You will learn: God's original intent for how His people should live.

Can I ask you to say these three short words more often to people you meet, and demonstrate that you mean them to be blessed by continuing to put kindness into practice.

As you read this article I pray that you will know God’s blessings, so wonderfully expressed in the Bible by the prayer of Aaron

The Lord bless you and keep you:

The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you

The Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you,

And give you peace

Our buildings may be closed, but the church is alive 

enjoy this blessing



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God does amazing things 

In March AMEN Trustees started hearing from AMEN partners across the world that not only were thousands of people being killed by the Covid virus, but that there was a desperate shortage of food and other household supplies as well. 

PIC Food6.jpg (603105 bytes)

The Charity AMEN made an appeal. The expectation was that we would pick up a number of modest donations, but that people in UK would have enough problems of their own to make major donations! We have been amazed that nearly £50,000 has been donated already, and money is still coming in. This has gone out to people we know working in India, Africa, Philippines, Romania and has enabled them to bless thousands of people in many ways. One after another has responded by telling us that these donations were answers to prayer.

Below is an update from one of our friends – be amazed at what even small amounts of money can achieve. For more information call chris@amentrust.co.uk .

Our friend writes

Loving greetings in Jesus Name!  We as a family would like to thank you for you love and concern towards us. We never thought of receiving this gift from you. God has answered our prayers.

Our leadership asked us to close down all the projects and our office here because we did not have enough funds to pay the rents. They wished us to close down everything in July. We were very sad to close down the sewing schools. But we believed that God would help us to re open the centres again.

One of the house owners was very strict and asked us to pay the rent immediately.  Some deposit is with him and we had to pay little more. So we took some of the money you sent us to pay the house rent.

One of our staff who lives in slum with two boys. They do not have any food. Last time we bought a small amount of food for them  which they stretched to last for two weeks. Thank God that we could buy some more food items for two more weeks. His wife was suspected of having corona and been isolated in a hospital.

Another staff is a young widow with a daughter. Gave her some money to buy food item.

An old man who lives in a hut was very sick. Took him to hospital and did some medical help. We also gave some money to his neighbour to give him lunch everyday till 6th June. We can’t go to the area every day. 

Now we can’t go out as someone got corona in our flats, so the gates are closed today. Yesterday early morning we went to a village where we had our sewing project. Gave 13 widows (who do not have any income or no one to help them) each 500 Rs (£5) .  

A widow with her daughter and two grand children were starving without food. Her son in law took everything, the little which they had. Couldn’t find him for a year.  

We heard that the daughter attempted suicide and the mother called me and said “ we four of us are planning to commit suicide, will God accept us in heaven. God didn’t give food, house and the clothes “.  

We counselled her, sent some used clothes through someone, sent some money as well arranged a place to stay with a friend.  

A family who was living nearby, the man worked in an institution but everything is closed. They struggled for food, no money to buy milk for the baby 

The wife is expecting second child. She was in labour pain but didn’t have any money to go to a hospital. We helped her to go to a hospital and gave money to buy some food and medicine..

 This evening she delivered a baby boy. Husband and wife are so grateful and with tears thanked you. I told them that my friend Jesus gave this money to them.

An old couple who was in real need. He is very sick and in the bed for few years and she is a diabetic. Because she didn’t take treatment, she became very sick.  I asked one of my friends to buy the medicine as well gave some money to a hotel to give them breakfast and dinner every day for 15 days.

A girl (11 years) was coming to our tuition centre and we help her studies. Her father is addicted to alcohol, beating the wife and children.  He lives on the street. The wife is very sick  and the girl phoned us and told that the father is planning to sell her into the bond labour. I informed one of our tuition teachers to go immediately to rescue her and help the mother. Now the girl is with the tuition teacher. She is very young, left by her husband. So we sent some money to the tuition teacher to take care of the girl and to buy food item for both of them as well for the girl’s mother and brother.

Another poor family in my village we helped them. Husband and wife are blind. The son is partially blind. We are helping this boy’s education.  His father used to do a small job but now no job. They have no food, now the whole family is going to different houses and begging.  But they are not able to have even one meal. We bought groceries, the needed things and asked them not to beg.  His wife has swollen legs and have some skin problems. We also arranged to buy slippers for two of them.

Three of our missionaries were suffering without having enough food. So we sent each 1000 Rs (£19) to buy groceries. A missionary bought food items and groceries and shared among them.  They send their thanks to you. 

A missionary family is suffering without electricity. She has a small child, the climate is very hot. Found it hard to mix the milk in the night.  They spent lot of money for buying candles.  There is a small inverter which costs 2300 Rs and we gave the money to buy. Now they can use one light and night they can use the fan for some time. Now the climate is 108 degree here.

An evangelist (handicapped) doing powerful ministry here. He did not receive any offering. They are suffering without food. He has eye problem and went to the hospital. But he is unable to buy the spec. Without eye glasses he is unable to see properly. We helped him to buy the glasses.  

The need is so great around us. But your big gift helped us to reach out to so many.  We also ordered some groceries and food items. We cannot go out but door delivery is available.

Thank you for blessing all of us.  Praying for you. Pass on our love and thanks to all of your friends who made it possible. 

God has remembered us and put a thought in you.  We appreciate your loving heart to help us.   We pray that the Lord reward you and return to you in hundredfold.  GOD BLESS you brothers and sisters.   

This is what prayer and £800 can do




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